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You have a message and a story inside you that deserves to be heard and I want to help you perfect telling it in front of any audience of any size like a champion, because you’re already a pro at what you do and you deserve to be a professional speaker that gets paid to speak.
Am I right?

Of Course I am, besides… Isn’t it your turn to take a chance and take charge of your speaking skills so you can get more paid speaking gigs? Coaching with me is a great place to start and I can help. Would you like my help? Register Now for a 1-1 session with me. Text 3 to 399393 for your 1-1 session with me, it’ll be great for the both of us to meet and connect.

Your Speech Video Recorded Analysis

Are you speaking on stages and after you come off you think to yourself… “Am I good at this? Did they really get me or just sort of… I wish I could see how I looked up there and know what I was doing wrong.”

If that little voice in your head is saying things like that…

Connect with me and my Pro Toast Master professional colleague George as we sit down to review your speech on video and help provide 3 core items that you can instantly work on with us and a short list of “could help to’s” for you as well.

This is great way to develop fundamental habits you’ll enjoy having as you begin to level up your speaking career on stages, especially when you’re working on perfecting that special speech you love to give.

Our fresh set of eyes and many years of experience presenting and speaking, plus our background in Toastmasters and running our own Speaker Clubs gives us plenty of experience knowing what to look for to help you level up your game and how to share it with you so you can improve on it quickly and easily. Request a session with George and Al.

Register Now: http://aljensen.com/contact

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4 Core Elements To Professional Speaking

Be Prepared, Confident and Ready

Present To Different Parts Of The Audience and Work The Stage

Use Storytelling, Humor, Tonality, Gesture and Questions To Engage and Win Your Audience’s Attention.

Be prepared to ask for more speaking opportunities when the crowd rush begins after you speak!


Millions of Words Spoken


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Of People Helped

Over 30 Years

On Stage Speaking and Entertaining

Hi, I’m Al Jensen

“If you can speak, you can influence. If you can influence you can change lives.”

If you’re excited about speaking every time you get up in front of a room or audience then you might just be a natural. For many of us speaking is an extension of who we are. Powerful as it may be, speaking is something that everyone of us can improve on and I want to help you do that.

When we meet & connect I can share with you some of the best practices and my personal secrets to winning audiences over and getting more paid speaking opportunities for yourself. Now it’s your turn to get help from me and get your very own copy of 52 Speaking Tips Proven To Help You Become A Better Speaker.

Come To Speakers Club

Do you have the desire to get up and speak? Speakers Club Las Vegas is one of the best places to do it. I’ve personally coached and mentored many of our members to go on and develop their skills right in front of the club members and we’ve seen several of them grow to the point where they regularly book speaking gigs for themselves. This is way more fun then Toastmasters and you get to speak when you register for these events. No “umms and ahhs” counters here… Bring your best stuff and we’ll meet you at Speakers Club Las Vegas.

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Pro Toastmasters and Toastmasters LV

You can find us at Toastmasters in Las Vegas…

Imagine having a blueprint or playbook that can take you each step of the way to help you develop as a professional speaker? AND… We have a core team that can guide you to the right group for you too!

Our network in Las Vegas is a good one that reaches beyond to around the United States and we’re growing in members internationally and nationally… Chances are if you want to grow as a speaker and develop your skills somewhere along the way somebody mentioned Toast Masters to you, right?

The great news is that we have connections all over Las Vegas with the many different Toast Master groups and we’d love to help point you in the right direction for your needs. Click the link to register as a guest for one of the next upcoming nights at Toast Master. Register As My Guest Now:

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52 Speaking Tips for Entrepreneurs, Executives, Authors and Aspiring Speakers

I want you to have it all, starting with these amazing 52 Speaking Tips. You Get Them Instantly When You Register Now…

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