Speaking and Coaching Legends

Tony Robbins is a legendary speaker and probably one of the most famous coaches in the world. He’s coached several of the most successful people on earth including: Oprah, Andre Agassi, Leonardo DiCaprio and Bill Clinton to name a few.

Tony did it by having powerfully designed speeches and providing live event immersion experiences that truly can be life changing.

Tony is a transformational dude, no doubt… BUT this isn’t about Tony or affiliated with him…


How much heart for helping people do you have inside of you right now?

IT’S A GIFT, right?!

If you have a gift for coaching, leading and teaching people then one of the best skills and you can start developing your speaking skills now!


“We can change our lives. We can do, have, and be exactly what we wish.” – Tony Robbins


Right now more than ever, coaching has an enormous expected growth projected annually as an industry for many years to come.

So Why Does  Being A Great Speaker Matter So Much For You As A Coach?


Let’s face it… There are over 8 billion people on the planet, right?

Yes, and you’re right that number is still growing.

Think of all the people that need your help, your specific expertise to help them so you can coach and speak with them and they can get the result they desire… We’re talking about YOU helping more people with your coaching expertise speaking for others and having a positive impact.

People that truly want to “develop” themselves will continue to have the need to hire coaches for coaching.


Speaking is one of the most effective ways for you as a coach to reach more of your perfect coaching clients!


It makes you the expert in front of the room and the “go-to expert” for people to hire for more speaking gigs and coaching work for your business.


I think you would agree Great Coaches like yourself Will Certainly Be The Leaders In Their Marketplace or niche IF THEY’VE Developed A Particular Set Of Speaking Skills we can help you attain to make their greatest contribution and impact.


What that tells us is, “we as coaches” need to be great at speaking so we can meet more ideal clients and help impact more lives.

Now you can share your message and get more speaking gigs to help more people, right?


RIGHT NOW you can stay way ahead of the competition and grow your coaching business with higher level speaking and presenting skills.


Develop Great Speaking Skills That You Can Use
To Grow Your Coaching Business:


  • On Stage
  • On Video
  • On Podcasts
  • In Interviews
  • On TV Shows
  • On Radio
  • In-Person
  • Networking
  • At Events
  • Anywhere You Speak To People

We’re confident you certainly can WIN AS A COACH-SPEAKING AS A SPEAKER when you begin coaching with Al Jensen for your speaker coaching sessions and critics.

We want to help you develop your speaking skills using storytelling so you can positively impact more peoples lives speaking your message!

Coaches are often the same type of people that like to attend events to hear great speakers powerfully change lives by speak from the stage!

Think of Les Brown and his famous Georgia Dome speech. Or if you’re more new school perhaps Russell Brunson who recently spoke at Grant Cardone’s 10x Growth Conference selling over $3MM dollars from the stage of his product that has created more millionaires in 3 years than any other SAAS program and online marketing training could, since the dawn of the internet.

Here’s a fact… Anything you want is achievable if you have “the chops” to be a great speaker.


Speaking will open doors to new opportunities for you as a coach sharing what you know as the expert in your space.

If You Speak Often Enough…

You can grow your coaching business and help more people learn about you and what you do, as well as, how to hire you to work with them.

If You Have A Great Speaking Coach… This can all happen much faster.

That is when you can squeeze down decades of our speaking expertise into wisdom for you as you grow and develop your own speaking skills. Imagine the success Russell had after attending Tony’s events and hearing him speak. They both became colleagues and clients of each others business.

Here’s another cool fact… Russell… The guy who attended Tony’s events years earlier and who recently made $3MM from the stage. The successful company he runs today largely adopts things that Tony Robbins teaches like hiring a mentor or coach to help you grow who you are and what you do.

Here’s another fact that is commonly overlooked that you should know as a coach…


People actually hire coaches to get results at a faster rate then they could on their own.


Al Jensen can help you squeeze his decades of experience speaking on stages, into coaching sessions with you that help you grow your coaching business.

Learn the skills you can have to start begin a powerful, confident and impacting speaker on stage. Isn’t it your turn to start changing lives? Now you can do it by speaking: locally, nationally and internationally. It’s up to you… Are you ready to register for a 1-1 Coaching Session with me?

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Speaker Coaching Las Vegas



Now you have the ability to grow your coaching business by developing new speaking skills you’ll gain inside Al Jensen & George Gilbert’s Next Stage Speaker Coaching program.

Our programs are great for coaches, authors, executives and aspiring speakers.

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Being A Great Speaker Starts With Great Communication

Being a great speaker means knowing how to communicate and deliver your message to fit the audience you are speaking in front of so you can persuade them into action.


Have you ever considered how fast and easily you can grow your coaching business and get lots of high paying clients simply by being the speaker at an event or being asked to speak in front of a room of your ideal clients?

It’s a powerful set of skills that can open doors. Al Jensen can help you develop these skills for on stage and off stage speaking professionally to maximize your exposure, visibility and speaking opportunities.

Al Jensen has personally spoken at thousands of events and he enjoys helping you develop your own set of powerful communication and speaking skills.

How would you like to be a Next Stage Speaker?

What could that mean for you to grow your coaching business by speaking in rooms full of your peers?

Al Jensen Speaker Coaching can help you deliver big for your audience and create opportunities to get more coaching clients for your business in the process.

Now it’s you’re turn


Speaker Coaching Las Vegas

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George and Al offer Next Stage Speaker training, 1-1 speaker coaching, in-person and remotely, and 1/2 DAY workshops for coaches, authors and executives that want the training to learn how great Delivering BIG feels inside when you nail it for your audience from stage!

Are you ready to become a Next Stage Speaker?

We want to help you do it!

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