WOW I learned a whole lot.

“I was tremendously impressed. We work with federal and postal service employees concerning their benefits across the country. And who, could not use a little bit more humor and that’s the federal government.

Al has some good stuff available in his joke book collection that allows you to take this information home and then apply it in everyday work. So I would highly recommend that if you’re in sales or any kind of customer service or any kind of work where you have to interface with the public take advantage of Al Jensen’s Acres Of Humor workshop. You’ll be glad you did.”

I Just Loved Your Acres Of Humor program.

“I just loved your Acres To Humor program. I work with attorneys and they have no sense of humor at all.

Thanks for giving me the confidence to know I can create humor that I can use in any situation. I can’t wait to attend your extended class.”

his inspiration message will have a dramatic impact on everyone.

“Al Jensen’s program “21 Phrases That Will Dramatically Impact Your Life” was extremely well received by our staff. There’s no doubt in my mind his inspiration message will have a dramatic impact on everyone. Thanks Al.”

Contact Al Jensen

Professional Speaker. Speaker Coaching & Presentation Humor Expert

Al has the wisdom.

I can’t wait to attend your extended class.

what I thought of the workshop?… I thought it was excellent.

“I like the structure. I like the organization. I like that there’s a process because I’m not funny so I needed a process so I could be humorous.”


“What was exciting for me were the exercises. We were able to work as a group to take seemingly unrelated things and concepts and blend them into something funny.”

I Highly Recommend Al Jensen.

“Al Jensen did such a great job for our Corporate Sales Meeting. His Keynote Presentation “21 Phrases To Impact Your Life” was just phenomenal and everyone loved getting a copy of his book and I know his presentation is going to have an impact on our team moral, and ultimately sales success!

He was funny, he was en-lighting and his message made an impact on our team. And so for some of those reasons, I highly recommend Al Jensen.”

He Gave Me So Much, I Can’t Wait To Use These.

See what attendees are saying about Make Your Message Magical workshop:

“What I’ve learned from this today is that you don’t have to become a master in order to add a magical element to your presentation to make it a memorable experience for your audience.”

“Great information on tools and other tools to put in your toolbox on keeping the audience attention in guiding their focus and keeping it on your message and keeping them paying attention.”

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