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Al Jensen

Al Jensen

Speaker’s Coach and Presentation Humor Expert

Professional Speaker. Coach For Speakers & Presentation Humor Expert.

Al Jensen

Al Jensen is very talented and delivers for each and every audience that he speaks in front of. From Corporate Events to Speaking At Conventions or on-stage teaching at workshops Al Jensen delivers in 3 key areas better than any other professional speaker:

  • Execution As A Motivational Speaker Helping Sales Teams Generate More Sales
  • Professionalism Coaching for Speakers and Providing Critiques To Help You Achieve More As A Speaker
  • Mastering The Art Of Using Presentation Humor To Get More Attention & Laughs from Your Audience
Anthony Franck

Anthony Franck

Online Marketing & Advertising Coach For Speakers

Anthony Franck has an extensive understanding of marketing and advertising. As our CMO he brings strong knowledge for execution and we’re proud to be doing business with him on a regular basis.

His cutting edge approaches to marketing make it simple to execute on and our clients love having him on their team. That’s one really big perk that you get when you choose to work on your speaking career and marketing with

Jacki McLenaghan

Jacki McLenaghan

Speaker & Expert Coach For Speakers

Born and raised in Canada, Jacki McLenaghan has been helping authors, speakers, coaches and actors, stand out and become leaders in their industry for over 20 years.

Jacki has been a theater producer and performer, she has extensively studied both marketing and technology and she has written the very fun and cheeky marketing book called "From Here To Clear ~ Developing Creative Marketing Plans For Your Ultimate Business Success."

Her vast and varied skill set has created an enormous amount of invaluable and transferable skills that she brings to her clients.

Sometimes dubbed "The Sweet Drill Sargent," Jacki cares deeply about her clients and their inevitable success speaking on stage.

With a passion for performance, yoga and creating AWESOME marketing videos, Jacki has made it her personal mission to help you shine the spotlight on yourself as she has done for many aspiring transformational leaders.

Jacki’s on a mission to forever banish the "create more content" syndrome that is just plain boring. She is an asset to the team and your another perk you get for working with Al Jensen and his team to become an amazing speaker people love to watch and hire often for the stage.

George Gilbert

George Gilbert

Comedian and Professional Speaker’s Coach

George Gilbert has many years experience as a professional public speaker. He started out as a stand-up comedian and segued his comedy into motivational humor after using humor to overcome challenges in his personal and professional life experiences.

George frequently works with Al on coaching and training speakers in the use of story-telling and humor from the platform, currently offering video recording critics for your on stage speech and preperation.

George is a valued team member and another top level resource you should have at your disposal when you choose Al Jensen and his team to help you take your speaking skills to the next stage.

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