How To Use Storytelling And Preparation To “Sharpen Your Ax” And Win Over Your Audience

As a speaker or presenter you are always challenged to deliver from the stage and often you do just that BUT… What are the key takeaways that you want your audience to have? Determining this for your audience before you take the stage is highly important and highly effective for you to leave the right impression as a speaker.

So often speakers get caught up in the excitement of the presentation and without careful thought, as well as careful preparation for your audience the takeaway(s) that you may want your audience to have could be left out, overlooked or missed completely.

One insider tip for you as a Speaker to connect more effectively with your audience is to utilize storytelling.

YES, the power of preparation for your speech in from of your audience is important but STORYTELLING makes it memorable…

Using storytelling is so powerful because it makes what you’re talking about and sharing with them “sticky.” Storytelling helps your audience relate to the content and the message. It gives them a chance to see some of themselves or a relationship with the story and associate it with something them can use in their mind as a frame of reference. The more effectively you can use practical storytelling in your presentations or speeches the more you can expect that the audience will remember and take away exactly what you intended for them to get from your speech.

“Storytelling makes for a memorable presentation that was designed by association.” – Al Jensen

Other great aspects of storytelling allow for you to work some humor into your speech which is always an effective way to get and keep your audience’s attention. Humor can be effective in waking up the crowd, bringing back those drifting off in their heads and making personal connections with the right type of people that the content you are presenting or speaking on is their to serve.

Imagine how much more powerful your next speech or presentation can be with these 3 simple to use speaking tips:

  1. Prepare for your audience by determining what the desired “takeaways” are before you take the stage.
  2. Use storytelling in your speeches and presentations to make a great connection that is memorable and delivers your message effectively.
  3. Leverage humor whenever you need to bring them back or break the ice so your audience will listen with intent.

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