Why Nobody Cares About Your Goals And What To Do About It

How many times have you attended a conference or seminar to gain insights and self improvement, only to leave the event super charged up but inevitably you take no action towards implementing your ideas and executing on your vision…

Why is that? For many of us, myself included it is a fear that keeps us from doing the actionable steps. Sure some could say “it’s easier to think it than do it” and that’s true. Some might say “I thought about it but the more I did the less of a good idea it seemed to be.”

Does this sound familiar? SURE DOES… We’ve all done it!

So what’s going to be different this time, you might say… Well I am here to share 3 things with you that will immediately make it different for you then it has ever been so you can actually feel good about the direction you’re going and the actions you plan to take.

“It starts by first making the decision and then doing the hard part… Begin taking action.” – Al Jensen

Imagine how incredibly fast your business can grow and how quickly you can achieve your goals by simply taking action?

Here are 3 Steps To Realizing The Dreams You Want And Taking Action On Them To Achieve Any Result You Can Set Your Mind To Having:

  1. Make the decision and stick to it.
  2. Set a date of action and a deadline to reach your goal.
  3. Begin taking action and don’t stop until your goal is reached.

For many of us this is just something that you fear… So don’t fear it! Start by making the decision to write down your goals on paper. Keep it short and concise so it is easy to understand and identifiable for you at a glance. Measure your results by taking action on the goal or goals that you have.

One of the best things you can do is limit your goals to no more than 3. Often it is said that you can work on as many as 6 things at a time. While that may be true for some I would recommend 3 of the things you could be working on for yourself in your business are 3 clearly defined goals.

Having that little list makes it much easier to overcome the fear and simply begin chipping away at the goal so you can achieve it.

In the book “The E-Myth Revisited” Michael Gerber says, “if you don’t write down your goals, then you don’t own it.”

Own your goals by being clear and holding yourself accountable to working towards them every day.

I recently attended a Toastmasters event and Darren LaCroix, who is a keynote speaker, author, comedian and 2001 World Champion of Public Speaking was there to practice his speech for an upcoming speaker convention that he had happening here in Las Vegas. Darren is certainly well accomplished at what he does and he mentioned that he wasn’t always a great speaker. It took time, it took practice and most of all “it took action.”

You see Darren wanted to be a great speaker and comedian and he had been working the open mic night stages anywhere he could find a spot in Boston some many years ago. He realized that he wanted more stage time and that he had already maxed out speaking on stages at the available open mic nights in his area. He decided to take even more action on reaching his 3 goals by becoming a member of Toastmasters.

Darren was so excited because now instead of being limited to only open mic nights at some local clubs and bars in town he soon realized by becoming a member at Toastmasters he could speak in front of people and take action on reaching his goals of being an incredibly good speaker.

The best part is he found that in this network of Toastmasters there we 4 clubs in his local area and he wasn’t limited to just one of the 4. Darren knew right then if he wanted to reach his goal of being incredibly great at speaking he needed more stage time then just open mic nights and the audience at Toastmasters was a great one, so he doubled down on what worked and joined all 4.

His goals were simple…

If he wanted to be great at speaking he knew he needed 3 things:

  • Opportunities to speak on stage in front of people
  • Continually and actively speaking in front of audiences
  • Taking consistent action towards reaching his goal

That’s just what he did! Darren joined all 4 Toastmasters and still continued doing his open mic night comedy routines. Life as a professional speaker began to shift for him and he almost immediately went from only speaking once or twice a month to speaking 4-5 times per week by utilizing the resources he found available to him simply by TAKING ACTION.

Now is a great chance for you to begin taking action towards your dreams of becoming a a better speaker and Toastmasters is a great way to do it!

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